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5 Life Hacks Every Successful Person Knows And Do



5 Life Hacks Every Successful Person Knows And Do

5 Life Hacks Every Successful Person Knows And Do

 Today I want to talk to you about some of the things that all successful people have in common as Peter Drucker said successful people are both effective and efficient which means they do the right things and they do them right not everyone follows the same path to success with that said though there are certain traits that most successful people have in common if you’ve been looking for a way to quickly boost your own progress towards your goals here aren’t some qualities that all successful people make use of almost every day

1. successful people wake up early 

the early morning hours are the most valuable hours in the entire day successful people recognize this and they take full advantage of these valuable hours by waking up as early as possible a recent study on self-made millionaires found that most of them get up before 6:00 a.m. and begin work on themselves physical fitness or on their work immediately waking up earlier than normal as usable hours to your day each day and it forces you to go to bed earlier if you start waking up just one hour earlier each morning you’ll have an extra thirty hours a month and an extra 360 hours a year to get more accomplished best of all the early morning hours will also be when you are at your most refreshed and motivated if you use these hours to get ahead on your most important tasks you’ll have finished before anyone else is awake one of my favorite lines comes from a minister who said the first hour is the rudder of the day the first hour establishes the direction of what will happen for the of the day

2. successful people hang out with other successful people 

one of the most important secrets to success is this you tend to become like the people that you spend most of your time with this can be either a benefit or a drawback depending on who your closest friends are for successful people its most often a benefit as successful people tend to hang out with other successful people if you want to be successful yourself you should do the same human beings have a subconscious evolutionary tendency to mimic and adopt the traits of the people they spend the most time with it’s a process that encourages bonding between individuals but it’s also one that can offer many more benefits beyond this if you hang out with the right people spending time with successful people will cause you to adopt their same mindsets their traits and more increasingly their own odds of becoming successful 

3.successful people read as much as possible 

if there’s one thing that almost all successful people all leaders have in common it’s the fact that they are avid readers Warren Buffett reads 5 to 6 hours every day and he’s one of the richest people in the history of the world we live in an era where it is possible to read an unlimited amount of information on an unlimited range of topics today it’s possible to teach yourself almost anything as long as you have an internet connection and time to spend reading of course reading printed material is just as valuable and as it has always been as well and you can learn a lot from reading books magazines and papers sometimes one idea or insight in one article book or magazine even a newspaper can change your life completely I have had at least three or four occasions where I clearly remember later earning more than a million colors in the next one or two years from one idea in one article in one magazine that set me off in a different direction and that gave me a special insight but these ideas and insights are of no value to you if you don’t expose yourself to them and you can never tell where they are so you have to practice what we call the law of probabilities is you don’t know which idea is going to help you so you must expose yourself to as many ideas as possible so you can be sure not to miss the exact one that you need a big Zak time that you need it remember you can learn a lot from reading books magazines and newspapers get in the habit of reading as much as possible set you on a path of continuous education that will go on long after your school days are behind you the more you know the more likely you are to be successful and nothing teaches you more than reading every single day as a great man once said reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body

4. successful people plan their day the night before 

before they go to sleep each night successful people take the time to plan out what they want to accomplish the next day planning out your day the night before can provide you with a roadmap to your day it’s a great way to structure your tasks and activities each day and it’s also a great source of motivation as well each night before you go to bed take the time to write down what you want to accomplish the next day then rank those tasks from most to least important what I do is I use ABCDE as a way of organizing my tasks a is something that you must do B is something that you should do but not as important as a C is something that would be nice to do but not as important as a or B and then D is something that you can delegate if you want to and E is something that you can eliminate it really doesn’t need to be done so ABCDE and many people have told me that using those letters has made them rich because it kept them focused on just those tasks that were really the most important when you wake up in the morning start by completing the most important tasks on your list first doing this will activate your subconscious mind so that you wake up in the morning motivated and ready to get started you actually look forward hungrily to getting up and getting going

 5. successful people learn from their failures 

that’s how they become rich how you approach failure is by far one of the most important factors in determining whether or not you will be successful failure is something that everyone has in common and even the most successful people in the world have failed countless times over the course of their lives successful people however don’t see failure as a permanent setback but rather as a learning opportunity and they always say what did we learn from this experience what have we learned from this experience I am working on a subject for my business seminars called learning from failure which was actually pioneered by Harvard Business Review Harvard University and they find that the systematic evaluation of a failure can lead a company to be an extraordinary successful financially however it doesn’t do any good if you have a failure and brush it aside or even worse complain about it or even worse blame somebody else for it the more you can study your failures the more likely it is you will turn that failure into a big success and some of the richest and most successful people in the world have done exactly this failure can be an excellent teacher if you are open to the lessons that it is showing you treating failure is a learning opportunity enables you to grow and adapt learning what works and what doesn’t and steadily improving your approach as you go along if you want to own yourself into a more successful person and honing is what you do with the knife to make it sharper and sharper it’s essential to embrace failures when they come along and learn from them rather than letting them hold you back or discourage you

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