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A Man Takes A Single Rake To The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It… Mind BLOWN.



In case you live in san francisco, california, then you will be fortunate enough to come upon the art of andres amador. He doesn’t paint or sculpt. He prefers a medium this is brief but simply stunning: a sandy seaside at low tide. He uses a rake to create works of artwork that may be larger than 100,000 sq. Feet. He spends hours developing these problematic masterpieces, understanding that the tide will soon come in and wash away his paintings all the time.

For andres, his artwork is “extra about the procedure and less about the result.”

Andre Amador

He knows that it’ll all be transient.

Andre Amador

Whilst making his beach mural explorations, he makes use of a rope as a guide in order that he could make the geometric patterns.

Andre Amador

While requested why he does it, andre offers the first-class solution…

Andre Amador

“the unanswerable question! Its a laugh. I am getting to be on the seashore.”

Andre Amador

Recollect yourself lucky in case you manifest to stumble across one of his playa paintings, as it gained’t be there lengthy.

Andre Amador

Through raking up the wet sand at low tide, he is able to make contrasting sand colours.

Andre Amador

He even offers his offerings, helping human beings recommend.

Andre Amador

Or even coaching others to create those beachscapes as a part of a group constructing exercise.

Andre Amador

In keeping with andres, it best takes more than one hours as soon as the tide is low enough to create the designs.

Andres’ creations are definitely lovely and understanding that these sensitive creations are temporary one way or the other makes them even more lovely.


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