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Breast Cancer Vaccine Has Eliminated Cancer In Its First Human Patient



Mayo Clinic in Florida in Jacksoville working on a vaccine it can stop ovarian and breast cancer from
occurring have the ability to protect people from Cancer and healing people from it. The vaccines
harness it work to target the cancer cells and kill them.

Mayo has his first success with their first human participant in the trial!

But The vaccine still in early in phases of the trial it will be reach large patients in world ! after three years
or more that’s amazing they successed to make this vaccine work .however they prove to us by their first

As Keith L. Kuntson, Ph.D said it is part the mayo clinic we could be have the vaccine available in
pharmacy to all patients withing eight years.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Davizro Photography

Lee Mercker she is the first patient in clinical trial,they diagnose her in stage zero breast cancer this diagnosis make a shok to her ,but a least it was little bit earlier. earlier. Although there are cancer cells where present in confined to her milk ducts.

when they asked her to be part of clinical trial she instantly agreed and the process take 12 weeks and easily adapted with the routine.

They take her blood every day ,it has a physical, they had make her shot on the spot for her.
Mercker said. “It was three shots, all in a row, alternating arms, four shots, two weeks apart.”

Photo: Adobe Stock/Christoph Burgstedt

One of the doctors he work at mayo clinic in jacksonville he is name Dr. Sranya Chumsri he said “the
treatment use protection of patient body to to kill the cancer cells”

“It’s supposed to stimulate a patient’s own immune response so that the immune cells like t-cells would
go in and attack the cancer,” Chumsri said.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Christoph Burgstedt

and she’s results show exactly what they hopping for. They found that the vaccine triggered the immune
system to start “crowding in” and start kill the cells !

Team at mayo was very happy because the vaccine worked on mercker,she is the first human This shot is administered easily and requires no special bells and whistles.

can you imagine how much mercker was happy she was very thankful and she said “i feel like i walked on the moon ”

Photo: Adobe Stock/Christoph Burgstedt

the old versions of a vaccine that mayo clinic make was a lot more invasive than new one .

“It’s supposed to be just off the shelf, kind of similar to when you get the flu shot or pneumonia shot,” Chumsri said.

Now mayo clinic try working on every stage of breast cancer and they begin to use vaccine on 2 patients if you interested to be part of the next trial at the mayo clinic ,i’ll help you can search by options here

this is very positive impact share this huge news.

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  1. Abuubakar Hussein

    March 9, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    it’s good to vaccine the brest cancer if have not side effect. the main point is the vaccination which percent is reliable and care for human immune system.

    • tilalo

      March 10, 2020 at 6:59 pm

      you are 100% right it will be great if it has no effect

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