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Good Leaders Are Invaluable



Good Leaders Are Invaluable

why good leaders are invaluable to a company actually indispensable but bad leaders will destroy a company as you see it happening all the time today now what is the difference between good leadership and poor leadership well I’ve written several books and articles on this and I’ve taught more than a thousand seminars in 68 countries on leadership and the bottom line is that leadership is the ability to get results that’s what it is which means that you can be a leader with no followers if you are responsible for getting results that will open more doors for you than anything else but a second definition is leadership is the ability to get results through other people in other words it’s to select people it’s to delegate to them it’s to organize them and it’s to encourage them to get the results that you need the wonderful thing about being a good leader is that you become a multiplication sign if you’re a bad leader you become a division sign and you know what that means a multiplication sign means you multiply times five other people equals the production of 10 or 15 people it’s called synergy in in management science but sometimes a bad leader which we’ve all seen is a division sign 

 they take themselves and divided times at the Frey core through the other people they actually reduce the overall performance of the group and get it down to a bare minimum sometimes just bringing in a new leader a person who inspires and motivates people can dramatically increase the productivity now good leaders have special qualities my three favorite qualities which I talk about all the time now I have to do with thinking skills the first thinking that skill they have is thinking we call the difference between thinking fast and thinking slow top leaders actually think slowly about important factors what I have found in my work in time management is that the most important word is the word consequences what that means is that something is important to the degree to which it has big potential consequences something is unimportant to the degree to which it has or no potential consequences now fast-thinking is the kind of thinking that’s automatic intuitive instinctive and so on it’s sort of like the thinking you do when you’re driving a car through traffic you move quickly slow thinking is what you do when you’re thinking about something that has big potential consequences company goals hiring people assigning responsibilities choosing which products or services to offer in which markets to go after choosing the amount of money that you spend or don’t spend and so slow thinking is what great leaders do unimportant issues that have large potential consequences

 now there’s a second type of thinking that comes from 50 years of research at Harvard and it’s called long-term thinking versus short-term thinking and what the research found was that there’s a direct relationship between how much time you think long term and how rapidly you move up so so economically in your life I have worked with top leaders who started with nothing and built businesses worth hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars when I spent time with them I find whatever there’s an important decision they pull back and they say well let me think about this for a while some years ago I have a mentor and when I left him in a different country he gave me a little booklet which he said had he had used as a guide all his life and I still have it and it’s called take timeout for mental digestion and what he said is that whenever it’s possible delay making an important decision take time out to digest and sort of let the decision turn over in your mind a business professor wrote a book recently in San Diego said that the longer you take to make a decision the better that they say the decision will be in the long run this is long-term thinking now in my seminars I teach the importance of goals if you have five year and ten-year goals then what you do is you look at what you’re doing today and you make sure that everything you’re doing today is consistent where you with where you want to be in five or ten years this is one of the great skills the final thinking skill is informed thinking versus uninformed thinking and what I have found is that really excellent leaders take a lot of time to get all the information before they make a slow long-term decision and so should you
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