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How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur and Business owner



How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur and Business owner

how to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner

how to be a successful entrepreneur as teenager so I got a great question from one of my followers love you guys, this is a fantastic question and I know a lot of teenagers are frustrated with the current job economy you want to make a difference you want to do your own thing you want to be independent you want to make a lot of money and become business owner and the way to do that often isn’t to go work at a big business

 I remember one of my first summer jobs I was doing data entry it was super boring work super manual work basically just taking what I saw on the page and typing it out into a field that I would put on a computer spreadsheet I was put on a team of five people who are all doing the same thing the difference with me was I never left my desk I didn’t take lunch breaks I didn’t take smoking breaks I went to the washroom only when I had to I was working it out and to help me work I used to always have food at my desk so I could eat and headphones so I could listen to music cuz that’s pretty boring stuff I remember my manager was looking at me and disapproved of what I was doing he didn’t feel the people should eat at their desk or listen to music and he almost fired me and then he looked at the results and saw that I was getting more work done than the other four people on my team combined so he kept me on but gave me a warning no more eating at my desk and no more listening to music gotta love terrible managers so instead I kept my food in my top drawer and snuck bites when he wasn’t around and I put my music player on the floor and ran a wire up my jeans through a turtleneck now that I wore everyday and just had one earbud come out so I could listen to the music while I was working but that experience really made me feel like I got to do something on my own I had a bunch of failed companies but the one that really took off was the biotech software company that I got involved with when I was 19 years old and I took it from making three hundred dollars a month and barely being able to survive to selling it for seven figures in three years so here’s some advice that I have for you based on my success as a teenage entrepreneur 

1. Model Success

 there’s never been more role models for young people now to be successful entrepreneurs research the stories of people who are making it so found yourself with excellence and success from young people who are doing great things you’ll find that they not only give you ideas and strategies to help you grow your business but also keep you motivated and wanting to keep going I would find one people who are in your industry who are doing really well and two people who you look up to and want to emulate and there are your business heroes create an environment of success and surround yourself with role models of people who you want to be like 

2. Get Experience

 this is all about providing value and a challenge to a lot of young people is you don’t have enough experience we can provide a lot of great value so go get some experience whether it’s working for somebody volunteering at events being mentored by somebody you want to get experience in your industry so you can provide more value to customers to help build my company up when I was in university I use my company as school projects for any time we had any kind of initiative at school so if it was a marketing class I’d use my business if it was a pricing class I’d use my business if it was an accounting class I’d use my business I got practical knowledge and could apply it immediately into my company then when I sold my business I hooked up with a venture capital company I felt like I only understood how my business was run and I wanted to learn a lot more about other businesses and also about how money was being raised that’s why it’s so easy for me now to jump into almost any business and offer practical advice it’s not because I’m some kind of genius it’s because through the venture capital business I had exposure to thousands of different companies that then I was able to help them grow their business I went out and got experience you want to do the same with your company so whatever is you want to learn whatever you feel is missing whatever feel you need to get better at go take a course go volunteer go get a part-time job learn get experience and get better 

3. Take Consistent Action

 you got to do something every day to move your business idea forward and as a teenager I get that it can be difficult at times to find the time to do your business you’ve got school and friends and extracurricular activities there’s lots of demand on your time but you have to find a way to do something every single day to move business owner forward you have an exam tomorrow you’re still spending half an hour today doing something for your company it has to be that important to you or it’s not going to take off so model success get experience and take consistent action and believe thanks for the great question 

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