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Should I Leave My Job For More Money



Should I Leave My Job For More Money

Should I Leave My Job For More Money

Should you quit your job? I know what it’s like when you’re working at job that you have zero interest in, you’re not passionate about and you’re working with a group of people that you can’t stand. It’s all toxic in an environment and you feel that you’re not growing and you not getting paid what you deserve. I remember when I was making minimum wage in a supermarket that I hated to go to work. Hated, hated! Every single day I’m like oh my god, my alarm clock. Now I gotta go. I gotta, you know be stuck in at the time a bus right. And then the train, SkyTrain and then go to work and everyday back and forth. And I couldn’t stand it. So I know maybe you’re thinking about should you quit? Should you not quit and do your own thing and start your own business? Now, this is speaking from experience and I hope this will help you. Now some people, and this is what I did and I don’t recommend it, they just leaving a job for more money

One day I was working, I walked in, I say “f you” to the boss and I just walked out. I do not recommend that because afterwards I got myself into a lot of trouble because I was desperate. That’s not an ideal situation. Now for some people, they excel when they are back in a corner and they’re under a lot of pressure. That’s a very, very small percentage of the population. Chances are that’s probably not you. For most people it’s the opposite. They crack under pressure. They melt under pressure. Now they’re not making wise decisions. Now they’re panicking because oh my God how am I gonna pay my bills next month? Not a very good idea. So my recommendation to most of my fans and students around the world is very, very simple. Follow this formula. You quit your job, two conditions. One is your side hustle, your side business, your little side income model whatever it is that you do. It could be a high-income skill that I teach.

 When you are making twice as much from that compared to your job you could quit. So let’s say you’re making $3,000 a month from your job. Your high-income skill, your side-hustle now is providing you with $6,000 a month. That gives you some safety net, some comfort and say you know what now I can quit comfortably because you know if you can generate that kind of income compared to what you’re earning right now from your job, twice as much part-time, What could you do if you do this full-time? If you focus 100% into that business into that skill right? Makes sense? You would do a lot more. You know you can take that and double that to a $10 000, $12 000, if you are fully going in and fully dedicated to that one thing, right. So twice as much what you’re earning. Now another factor that I believe in is, you wanna have at least, at least three to six months of savings to cover your overhead. So if you’re overhead, your expense, in terms of family is let’s say $3,000 a month, well at least you wanna have $9,000 $12,000, $16,000 in savings in cash. So that if anything goes wrong you’re okay. So, not only, you want like kinda like a double insurance policy. Your high-income skill makes twice as much of what your job is making plus the three to six months in cash, in savings to cover your overhead. Then when you quit, you’re not panicking. You’re like okay I can take a deep breath. I can do this because for most people, for most of us we are addicted to a paycheck. When you take that away, for most people they’re like, it’s very, very scary. And I know what that’s like. Now, my whole life I’ve only worked for someone else for one year my entire life. 

 So I am used to not having a paycheck. I know what it’s like not to have a paycheck. I don’t even know, I don’t even remember what it’s like to have a paycheck. Everything I do I have to create, I have to produce, I have to add value to the market place in exchange of money. Meaning if I don’t perform, if I don’t deliver results I don’t get paid. As an entrepreneur. We don’t get paid based on time we get paid based on 100% results. It’s a very different mentality. And for some people and especially for you if you’re working in a corporate world in an environment that’s more security driven. When you go out there and do your own thing, when you’re getting paid 100% on performance it takes a little bit of time getting used to So that’s what I will recommend. So do not, ’cause I know sometimes a lot of my fans they see my video they say “Oh Dan said just leave my job and do my own thing.” That’s not what I say. Don’t take what I say out of context. That’s what other people say. Here’s what I’m telling you. You leave your job only when your side hustle, your high-income skill generates twice as much money compared to what you’re making from your job. Second, three to six months of savings. Then you can quit. Now if you’re not so sure what you could do to accelerate that process, you just can’t stand your job, you want to do that a little bit faster right

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